Chemical Treatment of Well Water


The use of Chlorine as a disinfectant has been used to treat city water for to many years to count. Chlorine kills bacteria and viruses, oxidizes Iron and Sulfur and sanitizes well water better than any other chemical.

Our Chlorine systems are state of the Art systems but, sold at the same price point as Systems using sub standard components. In any chlorine system there are the individual parts that make it work, and those are:

Flow Switch

The flow switch is activated when the water is turned on telling the chlorinator to begin pumping chlorine into the system and, this is done by using a one way injector that is mounted before the Retention tank.


We use a XP Pump, this is a computer controlled pump so absolute adjustment is possible thus injecting just the right amount of chlorine into the mixing tank i.e. retention tank. It is more expensive than any pump on the market but also works the best.

Retention Tank

Our retention tanks are state of the art, no more 120 gallon monsters, our retention tanks have been certified by WQA to out preform the 120 gallons units and with a foot print the size of a water softener. This means it will fit into spaces that a 120 would never fit into.

Water Softener

Our water Softeners are all Clack softeners and thus come with the longest REAL warranties in the water Business. They can do this because the Clack Valves are Made in the USA and are tested before they leave the factory to assure supreme quality. The water softener is an important piece of any chlorine system. A water softener removes Iron and calcium before the chlorine treatment takes place. By doing this we eliminate or greatly reduce how often the retention tank must be drained and flushed.

Carbon tank

Carbon tanks are used to remove the chlorine from the water before it gets into the house. We use the same Clack head as the softener with the same Warranty. Our carbon tanks like our softeners are built in house so we can maintain strict quality standards, we use the best coconut shell carbon available and can custom blend when need so dictates.

Peroxide systems

Hydrogen peroxide can be used in place of chlorine in many cases. The use of peroxide eliminates the damage to systems done by chlorine. Chlorine is rough on anything it touches and peroxide is much less messy to deal with. The down side is if there is harmful bacteria in the well water, peroxide should not be used as the only method of removal. If a customer does not want chlorine but has iron bacteria(not dangerous) and a dangerous bacteria(E Coli) then we recommend using a peroxide system for the iron bacteria and a UV light for the dangerous bacteria. In order to use a UV light to disinfect the water has to be be clean of contaminates or it impedes the UVs rays to the point of being useless.