Natursorb Well Series

Natursorb well series is designed to deal with problems specific to your well and your needs.

Whether you need to treat iron, hydrogen sulfide, ph levels, tannin, arsenic, or sediment, we have the right system for you.

Because we are a Green Company we strive to deliver the “Lowest impact” product possible to correct your needs. We do our best to give you a product that does not require chemicals or Electricity.

When that is not possible we will lead you through the process of choosing a system that will meet your needs and  that has the lowest impact possible on our environment.


The first thing that is needed is a complete water test to determine which problems exist and the actual levels of each. This can be done by a professional or you can order one of our test kits. In some cases we actually have someone that will come to your home and give you a free water test.

Go to our WHERE TO BUY page and you will find the authorized dealers in your area. Call them and they will be able to assist you in obtaining a water test.



** Iron
** Hydrogen Sulfide  (Hydrogen sulfide can only be tested on
site, it degrades quickly)
** PH
** Manganese
** Total Hardness
***Any other common problems in your area


The use of chlorine systems is usually used only when there is bacteria in the water.  Whether harmful bacteria such as coloform or bothersome bacteria such as Iron bacteria or Sulfur bacteria.  In cases of bacteria it takes a stronger oxidizer than oxygen to kill bacteria and therefor we use either chlorine or peroxide.

This system consists of many components: A large Retention tank, usually 80-120 Gallon.  A flow switch to tell the Chlorine pump when to turn on, a softener to remove the calcium from the water and a carbon tank to remove the chlorine form the finished water. It also needs a holding tank for the chlorine mixture. It is a complex system but, with the components we use the maint. Is kept to a minimum.   We use only the best components such as: We use a no glitch flow switch which is not only very durable but, also comes with several electrical outlets so we can plug in the rest of the system thus saving money on adding additional outlets. Also, we use the best chlorine pump on the market. It is computerized and fully adjustable so the right mixture can be maintained in the retention tank.  Above is a picture of a normal Water Guys installation.  For more information, contact the dealer closest to your location.