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Manufactures 10 year Warranty:

Manufactures 10 year warranty on the filter housing, tank head and bypass valves against manufactures defects.

Manufactures Performance Guarantee:

The Natursorb systems, NSC(natursorb carbon) NSS(natursorb softener) NSSC(natursorb combo) medias carry a Manufactures Performance Guarantee for a period of  5  (five) years from the date of purchase.  The manufactures authorized dealers shall be responsible for the replacement of defective media only.


Any Labor involved in the replacement of said media is the responsibility of purchaser.  Supply water must be free of hydrogen sulfide, and oil.  High levels of chlorine must be treated before water reaches the Natursorb softening media.


NOTICE: This manufacturer’s warranty and performance guarantees do no cover acts of God, abuse or misuse.  All products must be used in accordance to the specifications of the system.


All warranties and performance guarantees are valid to the original purchasers and purchasers address.(see addendum)  Labor and any cost of damage due to misuse  or abuse will be the responsibility of purchaser.  A Certified water test may be required  for warranty claims. Should water show contaminates unknown at time of purchase  or unknown to Natursorb or Natursorbs authorized dealer, this may void the warranty.  Natursorb or its authorized dealers will not be held responsible for any consequential or incidental damages.  It is the purchasers responsibility to insure that the equiptment  is installed in compliance with all applicable building codes. Call  (407) 565-8731 or email