Natursorb Salt Softeners

All Water Softeners manufactured by us use the premium CLACK 5 button head. These heads have a 5 year warranty and with never a service charge  These are the most trouble free heads on the market Today. Don't get fooled into buying an inferior timer head with a lesser warranty.

All-in-one Triple Treat Water System

Carbon Tank PLUS Softener

Ideal system for chlorinated water to reduce chlorine, tastes and odors and provide soft, conditioned water for the whole house.

  • No Chlorine tastes or odors
  • No hard water!
  • Uses only one control valve (565 with Full diagnostics)
  • E-Z to program
  • Comes with Quick-connect by-pass valve
  • You select the carbon (Coconut shell or catalytic)
  • Brine tanks come with safety float valve, brine well and salt grind.
  • Operates effectively at lower salt settings to reduce salt and water usage.


How long will the Natursorb system last.

Natursorb softeners will last a minimum of five years before the media must be changed. In that 5 years there is no maintenance to perform, nothing to add and nothing to think about.  5 years of worry free water that comes with a written guarantee covering your first 5 years of ownership.

Go to our WHERE TO BUY page and you will find the authorized dealers in your area. Call them and they will be able to assist you in obtaining a water test.